At the dawn of creation the angels sang. When Jesus was born in the manger, the multitude of angelic choirs belted out a song of praise to our God. And when the roll is called up yonder you can be sure that there will be one snappy tune playing as we enter the eternal realm. Music has always been an integral part of the worship of God and we have a very strong music program at First Church. From four-year-olds and up, everyone is welcome to come and join in the singing. Our Cherubs (preschool & kindergarteners) and Joyful Noise (1st – 8th graders) meet during Faith Formation time. We have a men’s a cappella group and a women’s group. We have a traditional choir, a contemporary band and a bell choir. Each week worship highlights two to three of our musical groups as we all offer our praise to the musically inclined Creator of the universe! Come, experience it firsthand.

Cherubs (preschool & kindergarten)

Joyful Noise (1st – 8th grade)

Men at First (men’s a capella)

Heavenly Harmony (women’s group)

Sanctuary Choir (traditional choir)

Finally at First (contemporary praise band)

Currier Bell Choir


The Cherubs meet on Sunday mornings during our 10:15am service and Faith Formation time on the 2nd floor. The Cherubs sing on Sundays during our 10:15 am worship service. Contact: Jenny Bourn

Joyful Noise

Children gather at the beginning of Faith Formation time each Sunday to sing and enjoy some movement. Recently the group decided to call themselves “Joyful Noise” thanks to a wonderful comment from an appreciative member of the church. Contact: Jessica Moos

Men at First

Men at First (MAF) is an a cappella men’s group headquartered at FCCEJ, and very active in our church’s music ministry, as well as in the community. Most of the members are fron the Senior Choir. The emphasis of the group is to provide exciting and varied performance opportunities to its members, and to share its music, free of charge, with the community whenever possible. During 2010 and 2011, MAF performed in community events on 17 occasions, and at 13 events or services at the church. Contact: Bill Bickford, Jr.

Heavenly Harmony

Heavenly Harmony came into being when the ladies of the Sanctuary Choir decided to create a rendition of “Goin’ to the Chapel” for a Musical Potpourri evening at the church. Membership consists of women from the Senior Choir, but others are welcome and occasionally join in. Heavenly Harmony rehearses at 6:30 on Thursday evenings at the Church, September – May. Contact: Bethany Blake

Sanctuary Choir

Along with the Organist, the Sanctuary Choir is the mainstay of the music ministry at our church. The choir participates in one or both of the Sunday worship services every week during its active period from September through May. Additionally, the choir performs on several holidays and special occasions throughout the church year. The choir rehearses for 1 1/2 hours on Thursday evenings and builds it’s repertoire from a sizable library of church choral music. Contact: Bethany Blake

Finally at First

Finally at First, or “F@F”, is our FCCEJ praise band. It originally formed several years ago as a folk/guitar group, and has gone through several evolutionary changes since then. The band is comprised of vocalists, acoustic and electric guitarists, a bass player and a drummer. At times, we’ve been joined by members playing a clarinet, a flute or a violin. Rehearsals for Finally at First are held every Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:00 pm, and all are welcome to join! Rehearsal is generally relaxed, informal and fun. As it says in Psalm 98, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise!”. Contact: Rick Dooley

Currier Bell Choir

The Currier Bell Choir provides beautiful music for worship approximately every six weeks. Additionally, the choir participates in the VT Spring Ring. The Bell Choir rehearses at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings at the Church, September – May. Contact: Alison Wermer