Faith @ Home

Welcome to our Faith @ Home page with ways to help you grow in your faith.  As you may be aware, family members (especially adults) are very important spiritual leaders and role models for the younger members in a family.  Our hope is that this page will help support families on their spiritual journeys with activities and resources to help you along your way.  If you have ideas for this page, please send your thoughts to Laurie Chipman, our Christian Education Director, at


Prayer Station

Bubble Prayers

Stand up and take a deep breath in and think about something you want to pray for. As you breathe out, blow some bubbles. Then as you pop the bubbles, you are encouraged to mention the name of the person or situation you were thinking of. Adults can provide children with ideas to help them focus on their prayer; it could be for a friend, a family member, a pet, a person at church or school, an essential worker or volunteer, or even themselves.  One way to live out God’s truth is by caring for others and when we can’t be with them, we can still pray to God for them. God is always with us and we can pray anywhere, anytime, and any way…even with bubbles!

Children’s Messages from Worship

Sunday March 7th: Passover & Communion Traditions

Sunday February 28th: The season of Lent

Sunday January 31st: How many Bibles do you have at home?

Sunday January 3rd: Be honest with yourself and others

Sunday December 6th: Where Do You Find Peace?

Sunday November 29th: Journey to Bethlehem

Sunday November 22nd: Preparing for Advent

Sunday November 15th: God is Everywhere

Sunday September 13th: Flat Jesus – Always with Us

Sunday September 20th: Labyrinth – Prayer Walking

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