Our Home, Our Future, Our Time… Capital Campaign Update

By Kaki McGeary & Dave Johnson, Co-Chairs

Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for the coming of Jesus, a time to make room in our hearts for Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. This year, as we enter the season of Advent, we are also awaiting and preparing for several wonderful Capital Campaign projects!

Sanctuary Restoration Project

The Sanctuary Restoration Project will begin right after Christmas! Starting on December 29, worship services will be held in Fellowship Hall. The entire plaster ceiling must be totally removed and replaced. The ceiling will be done first and then it must cure for several weeks, during which time the walls will be patched. Once that is done, painting can begin! The entire project should take about 2 months, assuming no major hiccups.

Our goal is to be back in the sanctuary BEFORE PALM SUNDAY, if not before.  Our staff and several committees are working on plans to make this temporary move as seamless and comfortable as possible. We ask for prayers that we move through this time of transition and mess with patience, kindness, grace and humor, and that this experience might draw us closer together as one body of Christ. This is a once-every-hundred years type of project! We cannot wait to share this beautiful transformation with everyone during Holy Week 2020.

Sanctuary Windows

We eagerly await the return of our historic windows/shutters in the sanctuary. We HOPE they will be back by the end of November.

Security Grant/Outdoor Lighting

We got the grant! We received a federal grant of $47,809 for improving security and safety at our church.  This grant award includes $10,000 for new parking lot lights! Also included are funds to add locks to all of our classroom doors and a new “controlled access system” (keyless locks, video cameras at our two main entrances). Now we are just waiting on paperwork. :)  Once we have it, we will install the new lighting in the parking lot!  The other projects will take a bit longer to implement, so stay tuned for details. In the meantime, we are hoping to have lights for the steeple, church sign and thrift shop sign re-installed soon.

Pledge Payment Reminder

Your continued pledge payments are vital to our efforts! As we continue to work on major projects, we are drawing down our available cash balance. While we have not needed a bridge loan yet, we will likely need one to do the Sanctuary Restoration. 

Early pledge payments are always welcome and appreciated. Your pledge balance for 2019 can be found on your fall pledge statement. If you have questions about your pledge status, please contact Dan Petherbridge, Campaign Treasurer.

Our First Capital Campaign Project

Roof work has BEGUN!

The replacement of the asphalt shingles (the main church building, the administrative wing) has begun. The work is expected to take a week and a half to two weeks. Consistent weather will be the wildcard. Delivery of the materials, dumpster, etc. and set up of the safety roof scaffolding was the first step and then as you can see in the above picture, removal of the old roofing was next. The roofer, Bannister Custom Exteriors has been working hard and they have been extremely easy to work with and tuned into the safety of the project. The slate roof work is expected to begin in either the first or second week of August. There may be a bit of over lap but the roofer replacing the shingles did not reel that there would be any interference.


If you haven’t made your first Capital Campaign pledge payment, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please be sure to note “capital campaign” in the memo line. Many of you have already sent your first payments (and some have even paid in full!) – thank you! If you have questions about your payment schedule, please refer to your Pledge Acknowledgement Letter or the duplicate copy of your pledge form, or contact Campaign Treasurer Dan Petherbridge.

Week 15 – Still Time to Return Your Pledge!

There is STILL time to return your pledge…if you haven’t yet returned your pledge form, we ask that all pledges be returned by May 31** so that we can announce a grand total at our special Ice Cream Social celebration on Sunday June 3 at 10:15 a.m. (after single service at 9 a.m.). Can you help us reach our $822,000 goal before then?!

Every single pledge is vitally important…your gift matters!! If everyone participates, and maybe even stretches a little, we can reach our goal. This is OUR HOME and OUR FUTURE…we are truly in this together! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made a Campaign pledge so far.

Your gift will also help the Trustees get started on projects like the roof and the parking lot THIS summer. Imagine if we could get those projects done before another winter of ice and potential leaks.

Stop by our Campaign table in Fellowship Hall to drop off pledge forms, pick up extra forms, ask questions, schedule a visit, or just say hi.

We hope you will join us on the 3rd to celebrate the Campaign and say thank you to all the wonderful Campaign volunteers, as well as our amazing Faith Formation volunteers!

Peace & Blessings,

Kaki McGeary & Dave Johnson, Campaign Co-Chairs

**Of course, gifts and pledges received after the 31st will still be accepted, however they may not be included in our big announcement on the 3rd.