About the Campaign

Capital Campaign Goal: $822,430
(“Stretch Goal” of $1.09 million)

Our Home

Our church is more than just a house of worship; it is Our Home. It is a place where we come together seeking a relationship with God and one another…a place to raise our children…a place to serve those in need…a place to work toward a more just world…a place to sing, laugh, cry, celebrate and mourn…a place to ask, learn and wonder…and a place to find acceptance, comfort and peace.

With our iconic brick building and steeple located in the heart of Essex, First Congregational Church has been a cornerstone of our community and a beacon of hope, love, welcome and service for 150 years.



Our Future

We want to ensure that FCCEJ remains a place where our children and future generations can come to worship and find a welcoming community, just as our predecessors have done for us. Investments in our buildings and grounds today are an investment in Our Future. These renovations will allow us to continue a tradition of inclusive outreach and service that stretches back to our earliest days as a community meeting house.

FCCEJ is currently home to more than 20 community groups, a vital food pantry ministry serving more than 70 people each month, numerous local and global missions, a vibrant Christian Education program serving more than 100 children and youth, and seven musical groups. An estimated 250-350 people use our facilities every month.


Our Time

Now it is Our Time! As we think about what it means to be a “welcoming community, accepting and serving all in the spirit of Christ,” we recognize that our facilities must be safe, inviting, comfortable and accessible to make our vision possible. By preserving our beautiful buildings and by making them safer, more accessible and more energy-efficient, we ensure that Our Home can be a welcoming, peaceful sanctuary for all who come through our doors.

Visit our Projects page to learn more about the renovations and estimated costs, and to keep track of our progress once construction gets underway.