2018 Capital Campaign

Our Home, Our Future, Our Time…

On January 28, 2018, our congregation said “YES!” to an $822,000 Capital Campaign to restore and preserve our beautiful, historic facilities, make our home more welcoming and accessible, and further our efforts to expand ministry and outreach. We have also set a “Stretch Goal” of $1.09 million to fund other accessibility, safety, efficiency and maintenance projects if we are able to exceed our initial goal. As of June 3, 2018, we have reached the base goal and are surging toward our Stretch Goal! See the project page for a complete list of all the projects and construction updates. 

Please contact Campaign Co-Chairs, Kaki McGeary & Dave Johnson using this link.





Gifts Received


of Base Goal


of Stretch Goal


When I think of our house, I think of warmth, shelter and peace. I think of opportunities to stretch my own beliefs, have more compassion for others and be a part of something bigger than myself.

This house—Our Home—has provided my family the love and support we needed to help us through some of our toughest times.

40 years ago, as we searched for a church home for our young family, the modern classrooms here told us this was a place where children and education mattered. Now our building needs some  loving repairs and updates. It’s Our Time to make sure future generations will find a welcoming place to raise their families and continue doing God’s work.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life with two young children, Sundays are Our Time to slow down and come together as a family.  We have this time each week to reflect, listen, learn and rejuvenate. We chose this church so that our daughters could have a safe place to grow up and learn wonderful life lessons.